Team Gareth

We deliver memorable events

EVT Media started 12 years ago as one man named Gareth Gallagher, creating small events for small companies, in the smallest room he could rent.


Now the team’s expanded to over 10 members, and we work with some of the biggest names in the technology, pharmaceutical, biotech, and luxury industries.

Meet the team

We are an award-winning creative and events start-up with over 110 years of experienced combined and a strong track record of designing events through innovative operations.

Man in Charge

Meet Gareth, founder, CEO and event hub trailblazer. Years of experience delivering mind-blowing events, wrapped up in one package. Advocate for clean living and early beach runs.

+44 7928 792118

The Know-How

CTO with Mr. Robot levels of mastery. If you need a connection, in business or tech, Davor is your man. When he’s not binge watching Stranger Things, he keeps the Gareth hub running.

+44 208 050 5962 | +1 833 310 3150

Events Surgery

Lagle keeps the cogs turning with years of operations and relationship management experience. From dealing with events with hundreds of clients to increasing partnership value, she's a constantly busy bee.

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Sinais marketing assistant

Socially Savvy

Sinais makes social networking magic with her community management and copy skills. She spends her time juggling Gareth’s social media while snacking on her favourite desserts.

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Careful Crafter

Experienced manager with over 20 events under his belt and tons of expertise. He knows how to make an occasion stand out from the crowd. And himself, which is why his weakness is designer shoes.

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Creation Specialist

Knowledgeable in a little bit of everything across the vast sphere of events and manager of 5 in 2021. Chris brings years of experience to the table, and a ton of good movie suggestions.

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The Box-Head

Andy's business development savvy keeps EVT at the forefront of our client's minds. Utilizing his winning personality and networking mastery, he negotiates with the best of them.

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The Coin-Flipper

The real head for numbers. Arnold brings years of financial control to Gareth and makes sure the rest of the team don’t get carried away. His own money though, is spent on first-editions.

+44 208 050 5962 | +1 833 310 3150

Color Splash

Tbilsi native responsible for creating new content and developing designs. An enthusiastic and creative graphic designer, fan of Arsenal and lover of The Witcher and The Lord of the Rings.

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Process Fixer

Project management guru and organizational prodigy, Tanvi has precisely refined the project process; unlike her experimental approach to flavor, as a known foodie.

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Pattern Protector

Experienced product and graphic designer, UI master and UX research aficionado. Harshi taught at Design School before joining Gareth, and now spends her spare time sketching and playing ukelele.

+44 208 050 5962 | +1 833 310 3150

Asset 21

Our expectations were high, but you went beyond it

"It was such a pleasure meeting the team and I not only look forward to working with you in the future but also having my colleagues have the experience as well. Also, thank you so much for setting up the car service to get us back to the airport. You and the team get everything so spot on, unlike who we previously
worked with."




Medical Meeting Client.